Appointment times are estimated as I cannot guarantee exactly when I will arrive until I complete previous repairs booked in before you. I always call before my arrival. Most repairs are fixed within 30min to 2 hours and anywhere in between.


My business is based on appointments. If you wish to cancel your appointment please try to give one days notice in order to allocate your slot to someone else.


£30. This includes 1st hours labour, thereafter £15 every 30 minutes.


• Cash only (at present).

• Sorry no cheques.

• Payment is required at the end of each visit unless otherwise agreed before I visit.


Please consider the parking in your area because if I can’t legally park close to your home then I may not be able to visit. A visitor’s pass will be required from you if you live in a permit zone.


I will do everything possible to save your personal files. However it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure everything is backed up safely including software programs and games.


All new parts sold carries 12 month parts/6 months labour onsite and 12 month parts/12 months labour on a RTB basis (return to base). My warranty does not cover water damage, electrical surges, storm damage or problems through neglect, user error or software related problems. Provided I have been able to exhaust all possible diagnostics / repairs for a solution but still fail to solve the problem due to my technical limitations then no charges will be made. However the following exclusions apply...

• Problems that are beyond my control to effect change.

• Where the customer does not permit my recommendations.

• Where I am not permitted to exhaust all possible repairs for a solution through elimination.

• A problem that cannot be fixed which is not due to any technical limitations on my part.


If you have any software problems after my visit then please call for support. If you require a return visit please be aware that charges for my time will still apply for ongoing work unless in the unlikely event I was at fault or a hardware component supplied is covered under my guarantee (above).